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His Holiness Param Dayal His Holiness Param Dayal Baba Faqir Chand Ji, Manavta Mandir, HoshiarpurFaqir Chand's beliefs drew from many sources, including his long association with Radha Soami Mat and his experience in Surat Shabd Yoga. Faqir found much to agree with in their humanitarian approaches, but disagreed with the traditional Nam-Dan and the prevalent guruism in India. He had very little tolerance for religious practices leading to exploitation of poor, innocent and believing people. As shown in his written works, he saw himself as an ardent follower of Sant Mat and Radha Soami Mat, but was disillusioned with ultimate outcome of higher stages of Surat Shabd Yoga and mysticism nourished by Saints. His emphasis later shifted from Yogic practices to the humanism of Sant Mat.

Faqir also believed in the idea that sex was best used for the purpose of begetting children; bringing these children into the world would then work to reduce the sufferings of human race. His philosophy of life looked to the welfare of both the self and of others. For internal peace, he advised young people to remain busy, earn a livelihood, observe self-restraint, and to remain under the guidance of an honest and truthful person. As a part of social duty he asked his followers not to intentionally hurt others, avoid purposeless talk, be tolerant to bitter words, and to serve fellow beings selflessly.

He laid special emphasis on 'home peace' in all respects. Pious deeds (शुभ कर्म), pious earnings (शुद्ध कमाई), and Charity (दान) (which includes affection and welfare) were other aspects covered by him under social behavior, and which he considered to be essential for humans. In other spiritual practices he underlined love, devotion, faith, and dedication. Frequently, he taught his followers to be true to themselves, surrender to God's wish, repeat holy name, concentrate on holy form and, in so doing, realize the self.

He noticed that all beings were bubbles of super most conscious element and ultimate goal of humans was peace.