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Faqir Chand Ji

On God, Gurus, and Truth


Manavta Mandir (मानवता मंदिर, "Be Man" Temple) is a Sant Mat/ Radhasomi group founded in 1962 at Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, by His Holiness Baba Faqir Chand Ji (18-11-1886—11-09-1981), a spiritual teacher in the lineage of Shiv Brat Lal. The temple was dedicated to humanity and its religion. Baba Ji saw Manavta Mandir providing a more ecumenical and non-sectarian approach to the Radhasoami tradition. Baba Ji also offered a very different interpretation of guru-based spirituality. He suggested that spiritual teachers were generally unaware of the underlying argued that all gurus of whatever stripe were ignorant about the real cause of the miraculous events and visionary phenomena often attributed to them. This ignorance frequently led, unjustifiably, to the guru gaining power, attention, and devotion from followers who incorrectly imputed vast powers upon such masters.

followers who incorrectly imputed vast powers upon such masters. Last News

  • Who knows what may happen to me at the time of death? I may enter the state of unconsciousness, enter the state of dreams and see railway trains...

    How can I make a claim about my attainment of the Ultimate?

    The truth is that I know nothing.