• To develop and disseminate higher human education, to promote and to propagate moral values and to bring about spiritual awakening among the people.
  • To provide non-profit, non-sectarian charitable forum for dissemination of social, moral, ethical, spiritual values for all sections of society without any distinction of caste, colour, community, religion or sex.
  • To evolve, propagate & promote experience-oriented scientific, yogic techniques, practices, principles founded on self-enquiry, to instil sweetness of temper, light of wisdom and purity of soul, to evolve into cosmic consciousness and to attain egoless existence as a means to self-realization.
  • To undertake other charitable tasks for the advancement of all sections of society specially the down-trodden depressed and needy by setting up and operating charitable dispensaries, free libraries and schools.
  • To pay stipends, scholarships to deserving students and to meet their requirements of food, clothing, shelter, books and note books etc.
  • To organize seminars, discussions, discourses, satsangs, lectures, public meetings, yoga and meditation classes and camps etc. to experiments in creative intelligence in order to develop and disseminate rational and scientific system of inner discipline for all to attain higher level of super consciousness.